Thursday, December 17, 2009

30 Seconds to Mars: A Lifetime of Vanity

Look, I know many of my readers don't know who this poopy concoction of turd rockers are- mainly the band features visual prossy Jared Leto, yeah the heart throb from "My so called life", Jared Leto who can't LET GO. Dude, you stop trying to get attention. Find out why you need the attention so bad and remember, creepy narcissism is not cool!

Figure this as your rock bottom: Your band sucks and your talent is questionable. I know you asked yourself this when you made that shite movie about John Lennon's killer and the answer slapped you in the face: Yuppers, you lack all talent.
Dude, leave media alone and find your soul. I saw you on Kimmel two years ago. The audience was comprised entirely of morbidly obese 17 year olds. Ponder that, dude.

Now that your new album is out I see your advertising budget has shrunk but still I feel harassed. Please, get a job and fuck off.