Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Death of A Star

"Tucked In"

By Licensed to ILL

Good white Soul
Righteous indignation
Carnage Deluxe
A Symptomatic Soul
Watches the Elite Burn
Saying Goodbye
Saying Goodbye
Saying Goodnight
Let's put ourselves to Bed
Peer Out over the Covers
Soak the sheets with Our Sweat
Baby's Dream is Baby's Whispers
Loving the Sweetest thing
It's okay to Say Goodbye
Saying Goodbye
Saying Goodbye
Saying Goodnight

I got diagnosed with PTSD relating to a patient of mine who got raped
No one would touch her because she was a dirty homeless meth addict
I told the resident She had a punctured lung
Her left midaxillary chest snap crackled and popped with subcutaneous emphysema
He just shrugged his shoulders
What happened to her?

So my recent co-workers pointed out that I seemed symptomatic.
They told me they were there to help.
My manager fired me three days later.
They saw another nurse who needed help and then they fired me

I no longer live in L.A.
I no longer live in California.
And now I have no job.

And I'm not feeling so good.