Monday, July 13, 2009

You fucked up, you REALLY fucked up.



Man I wish the media would come up with a better tag line than "due to the ever increasing nursing shortage this hospital now has...."

From there we fill in the blanks: "Due to the ever increasing nursing shrtage this local hospital has..."

  • Happy go-lucky MALE NURSE perverts working for them.

  • Drug stealing junkieusers working for them.

  • Shameless overpaid nurses on overtime falling asleep on the job recklessly killing patients and laughing all the way to the bank.

  • A male nurse who molested every single female who came into the 500 bed hospital and managed to used the prolapsed anus of a 90 year old woman as a cigarette holder for him while he peed on her dog as he was insanely high the very last pills of ambien and colace she had,etc.

It's never real shit like: nurses don't get breaks anymore, management harasses R.N.'s who have a conscience, nurses seem to be making LESS money despite this incredible shortage...

As a R.N. I see nurses everyday who shouldn't be practicing in a perfect world. Some because of their atrocious attitude towards patients (burn outs), others with obvious mental problems who probably wouldn't be safe to handle fries at Burger King (related to traumatization and abuse on the job), and some who simply came to this country to make more money then they could in their home country. (sorry Pinoy but 6 out of 7 of you guys do a disproportionately large amount of the fucked up shit I see. Your ambivalence towards human care is as horrifying as it is somehow culturally ingrained)
There is no nursing shortage in the U.S. That's nonsense propaganda created by hospitals to get cheaper foreign labor. Only hospitals that are so hellish in their treatment of nursing staff have staffing problems and experience a "shortage".
The AMA and hospital associations have enabled tens of thousands of nurses to come to this country from other countries for the sole purpose of making money on cheaper, more obedient labor. These nurses not only leave their home countries in a void of health care but also leave American R.N.'s to take up the slack. At least four of my coworkers don't speak English adequately enough to carry a conversation but know how to perform medical tasks. Some were able to take the licensing exam in their native language. I am constantly covering their butts just to make it through the shift. If I were to complain I would lose my job, union or not. I would be called a racist. A hundred years ago they would have called me a "nationalist" but nobody knows what that word means anymore.

Nursing is an unbelievably complex job that is constantly being put down by media, hospital administration and physicians. So many nurses have drug problems because the people who take care of you HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOBODY TAKING CARE OF THEM.
The article that led to 6 out of 7 BRN members getting tossed on their ass demonstrates how absolutely crucial the job the R.N. performs is.
The effectiveness of the BRN is severely limited because the BRN is inundated with three types of complaints: 1) My nurse doesn't speak English. 2) Hospital managements lodging erroneous complaints against nurses in retaliation for sticking for themselves and their patients. 3) Complaints filed by hospital management to cover up mistakes of arrogant physicians.

The largest reason the BRN sucks is because its staffed with hacks and non-nurses. Go figure! Political payback is tasty.

Nursing practice has changed so much in 20 years- the job that older nurses were trained to do simply doesn't exist anymore, nursing is truly not "nursing" as people know it. It is an incredibly complex, demanding, and intensely challenging job that requires dedication and- the nursing profession still doesn't recognize this- it requires talent.

Nurses are treated so poorly by physicians, hospital management, and most certainly the patients that they treat that a dangerous nurse is easily overlooked because everyone walks around in the medical field thinking "another dumb nurse did this".
True bad eggs like the ones in the article would be cracked and disposed of more quickly if quality nurses were recognized, and nurses who have no business being in the field were rooted out.
Bad nurses get away with it because, frankly, it seems that the public is quite happy with the stereotype of nurses being angelic, mothering, brainless assistants.
I don't think the public or the media comprehends the importance of the nurse in the disease and healing process from a technical and clinical standpoint. At all.

Right now, bad nurses run the show. The pathological liars, the borderline personality disorder bullies, the perpetually immature 14 year old girls breaking hospital units down into clique war zones. Right now, everything that is wrong about nursing rules the roost. Nobody complains about anything that means a fucking thing. Nothing about patient care, nothing about pay, nothing about safety, nothing about the blatantly redundant paperwork. Everyone feels like they can't change it so on Tuesday lets gang up on Tina and whisper behind her back and start some shit. Then we'll complain that she was mean to her patient, "no it's true, she was soooo mean to her patient cuz I was on like getting a hotel room for vegas so I like heard everything..."

Oh well, tonight I sleep good. For the first time in many moons, the nursing gods have hurled in some political 18guages that pull blood out like central lines.