Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nurse Ratched's Place: Change of Shift

Nurse Ratched's Place: Change of Shift

I like women and whine

Just read a post on why are newbies such whiners?

I'm a whiner. I tell you why.

Because like most newbies, I am totally fucking shocked to see the vindictive and apathetic attitude most experienced nurses have towards themselves and their fellow nurses in regards to nursing as a profession on a whole. Shit shifts, shit pay, no significant pay increases in the last six years. Constant cattiness. I got into this field thinking I could support my family. I'm thinking I got fed a load of bull. So yeah, I whine. I whine cause I want this exciting and rewarding profession to change for the better and I want to see women stop blaming men for some "glass ceiling" when all they have to do is unify, stop bitching, and start working towards better treatment.

I love the sacrifice play that nurses often pull. I've seen it twice. We'll call it: You're our hero (you're fucked)!

1) Courageous nurse steps up and says she is willing to go to the union to try and get some things to change.

2) The majority of the staff back her up to her face, (great idea, yeah let's do it!)

3) Nurse goes to the union, confronts management. All the other nurses pretend they know nothing about this when management asks who else feels this way, if anything they condemn her by calling courageous nurse a "whiner".

4) Courageous nurse is either hassled into quitting or is set up and fired.

This is why I whine. Because I am a man now relegated to unempowered woman status. And I think it sucks. All that I know technically about the medical field I have learned from women. Including E.M.T. If my fellow female coworkers could see how capable they are in my eyes, maybe they would stop feeling so inferior.