Saturday, October 17, 2009

It Eats Raw Meat

Now I'm no boxer, not much of a fighter. I'm an unemployable loud mouth knowitall know too much dumbass jacked up to the grain R.N. but...

This speaks to me:

The great cornerman BUNDINI maybe once said:

"God don't care about you! Don't
care about me! In all of everything,
we mean nothin'. He don't know us.
We be.
And that's the onliest
thing he did.
And that's good
'cause that's why we free. But
free ain't easy.
Free is real.

And realness is a motherfucker...

It eats raw meat.

It walk in its own shoes.

It does not waver...


Fuckit, if it takes boxing movies to get my soul back in gear, well then, that's what it takes.