Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One good thing about Bush

One good thing about that fucking heartless criminal George Bush:

RECORD, and I mean RECORD voter turn out for a primary. After these last 8 miserable years, you bet your ass people are going to start voting again.

History will haunt Bush Co. like a fart in a car. A car with the windows rolled up and the heater on. It will linger way too long.


Anonymous said...

What's up fellow dude ass-wiper. Two nights ago I was in the midst of a blistering hot and sweaty trauma gone bad in the Surgical Intensive care unit where I work. Needless to say there was a shit load spectators standing around watching this poor bastard die.

On to what motivated me to do a google search for "physicians with bad behavior". Essentially the staff doc did not recognize a tension hemo/pneumo and of course ignored the Nurses standing around suggesting a chest tube kit. Of course the suggestions were completely ignored.

After the pt was pulse less, and suffering from flat chest syndrome the staff doc decided to place a chest tube. Needless to say since the staff doc did not want a chest tube set up it was not set up. So the staff doc picked up a pair of trauma sheers out of hit pocket and relieved the tension hem/pneum himself.

Blood shot across the room hitting the wall plastering some of the spectators, vent and wall. A shop vac was brought into the room after the pt left for surgery.

I left out all the yelling and screaming by the staff doc that took place during the code.

Anyway, as luck would have it I was charge the night and had to brief my commander in the morning concerning the night's events. After all the meetings and discussions it was decided that the nurses were at fault. Since I was in charge I have been tasked to put together a PPT presentation on emergency preparedness.

Not only am I going to put together a ppt for emergency preparedness but a ppt for the docs on primary secondary assessments. Finally a politically incorrect guide ppt for nurses to deal with asshole docs.


angry male nurse said...

Bitches are bitches, my friend. For all you know that arrogant little bitch doctor WANTED to relieve the pneumo via trauma shears. Perhaps this fucker COULDN'T FUCKING WAIT to bust out his derelecting of duty trick, perhaps this fuckwad doc thought it would be cool to splatter his staff with contaminated-who- the- fuck- knows- what -the- fuck -this -trainwreck- has - blood, perhaps dr. shitball couldn't wait to go home to tell his live in phillipino boyfirend and say, "Yep, had a real FUBAR on my hands, had to put a tube in with some fucking shears."




seriously that turd is not your boss and as long as you are being honest no cover ups necessary tertiary assessments include that nurses never forget

Anonymous said...

If I was a civilian, I would have signed up for extra shift just to call in sick!

Anonymous said...

As far as the elections this year....it does not matter who wins. that's right it does not matter who wins. The person who really runs this country is.........Ben Bernanke. Yep that's right the FED chairman himself. I'm not going into my economic vomit lecture because it makes me nauseous.

I was reading the business section in the local paper and Scott Burns (www.assetbuilder.com) was telling baby boomers to move to Mexico before it's to late. He said the peso and the USD will be at parity within in five years. The looney hit parity with the USD a few months back. Look out below the USD is hitting the floor. The nim-rods on CNBC talk about gold from time to time but in a hyper-inflationary depression bullets are more valuable. God Bless Obama and the rest but it don't matter who wins cause the shit is about to hit the fan. Iran threatens the deep water ports of the straights....and with peak oil......just wait till we have the next campaign of FEAR! After the elections It's ON!!

One piece of unsolicited advice......don't save your money.......spend the shit out of it cause it's worth less/worthless every day.


angry male nurse said...

Yeah but Ben Bernanke will be on his ass within the next change of office, and you know like I know that Bernanke and to some extent, Greenspan were just bitches for the burnt Bush.

The real change in America: all checks and balances, all autonomous sources of power have been usurped by a greedy little shit and his truly terrible VP, both who have never lived like real Americans, who have never had to deal with the same financial fears that real Americans have, who has never had a real fucking jobs, power has been taken from beautiful America by a fake christian cokehead bitch who got a fucking DUI WHILE ON VACATION FROM TAKING A VACATION.

The dollar is coming back when the office of the chief isn't run by Saudi Arabian scumbags.

Cheers to me.

and to all the anonymous's out there. Stop being a pussy and get an identity. But I do appreciate your comments. Thought provoking. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

You don't want to know who I am. As far as being a pussy....I am what I eat.

As far as your graduation....I foresee the stress and anxiety being so overwhelming that you have to go to the emergency room and complain of chest pain 30 minutes prior to the walk of shame. Pre-dose yourself with Tylenol and just do it dude. You never know you might find yourself in the tele unit watching the price is right with some 80 year old chick that shits on herself all night not giving a flying fuck because your high as a kite from all the morphine your on.

If all else fails and you have to continue.....just know that there are other dudes out there that have walked the walk. As you face the audience as they introduce you to the crowd that might be a good time to re-adjust the boys just so those fucking hump doosh bag fucking femi-nazi labia-sandwich eating nim-rod man hating fucking biaaaaaaaaaatchs know you gotta sack!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of the dudes I know that went into nursing went into nursing gave up a lot to do it. I have worked with former special forces, pilots, navigators, plumbers, law enforcement, electricians, engineers, intel officers, the list goes on. the point is there is a long list of folks that went into nursing to make a difference in peoples lives. NOT because they have some psychosocial issue that gives them a twisted sense of reality. Do you know how many female crazy nurses I know that are nurses because they have the need to be needed? Or they have the need to control some poor human being in an ICU bed? TOOOOO many!